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Hello members,


I’m “VERY” excited to announce our TWO monthly CONTESTS. Each monthly contest allows top credit earners to receive “CASH” on a monthly basis. Each time a “new” member joins I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services” one dollar [$ 1.00] will be added to EACH of the TWO monthly contests. Plus, each month a member pays their monthly subscription one dollar [$1.00] will also be added to the TWO monthly contests. This means, each month, the TWO monthly contests have the opportunity to “increase in payouts".




 Top 5 “CREDIT” Earners:


Active members will have the opportunity to earn “CREDIT” points by performing different tasks [log in - post comments - comment/like other member’s profile - upload pics - start your community/group/forum  -  etc….] throughout our Social Media Platform. The TOP [5] members will share the money accumulated on a “MONTHLY BASIS”. Listed below, is the percentage each member of the TOP [5] members will receive each month.




EXAMPLE: If 100 new members join in one month, top earner will receive $45.00, 2nd best credit earner will receive $25.00, 3rd best credit earner will receive $15.00, 4th best credit earner will receive $10.00, 5th best credit earner will receive $5.00…


Each month, credits will start over, in order to give each member a fair opportunity to win one of the 5 bonus payouts. Only active members will be able to participate in the “Top 5 CREDIT Earners” bonus program.





Question: Can the "same" member win "both" monthly contests?


Answer: Yes…