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    Our 'Pay Yourself First' concept provides our Network of members a PATHWAY to making the American Dream a REALITY over the course of SIX MONTHS! 
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Before you browse our website, "PLEASE" watch a 5 minute video from our FOUNDER & CEO. The video offers a short explanation of how I Got My 3 "Discounted Membership Products and Services" came to fruition. If you like rooting for the "underdog", this video exemplifies the fight "From Rejection To Perfection"! 




About Us:


Hello and welcome to the website of I Got My 3 "Discounted Membership Products and Services". If you have any questions or comments about our website, PLEASE send us a message using the "Message Board" at the bottom of the Home Page. We try our very best to respond within 24 hrs during weekdays. We are NOT available to respond on weekends or Holidays. 




I’m about to share something with you [that] will have you saying “HOW and WOW”! In order to have a more visual understanding of what I’m about to explain “PLEASE” grab a piece of paper and pen/pencil in order to write down the “answers” to the following questions:


  1. How much money are you currently spending on financial monthly obligations?
  2. How much money are you spending on disposable income?
  3. How much money do you have left to save after paying all these expenses?


Are you currently spending over $100.00 of “disposable” income over the course of six months? Disposable income is money you spend outside paying your financial obligations [shopping, dining out, movies, grooming yourself, traveling, entertainment, donations, etc…]




Would you be willing to spend that same $100.00 over the course of six months [$50.00 down payment for the 1st month -plus- $10.00 monthly payments for 5 additional months = $100.00 for six months] if it allowed you to be on the "pathway" to making the American Dream a "REALITY"?




I'm sure you are probably thinking; how can $100.00 over the course of six months create a “pathway” to the American Dream? It's much easier than you think! To prove my point, let’s use some of the places you spend your money, as examples. How often do you spend $10.00 to $50.00 at the SAME location[s]? How long have those stores been in business [longer than 6 months]? How in this world can a business be successful year after year when YOU are spending such a small amount of money there? The obvious reason would be; they don’t depend on just “YOUR” money to stay in business, because you don’t spend enough money to pay all the expenses needed to keep their store profitable. Nevertheless, the money you spend contributes to the overall success in order to create long term financial stability for your favorite stores[s]. This scenario illustrates how MILLIONS of consumers are "COLLECTIVELY" creating wealth year after year, but NOT for themselves.         




What would happen if MILLIONS of individuals decided to put $100.00 over the course of six months into “ONE” Network and each member of the Network earned the same amount of Reward Points and Bonus Bucks over the course of six months? Do you think it would be possible for each member of that Network to be on the “pathway” to making the American Dream a REALITY over the course of six months? The answer has to be yes, because you are creating a “Pay Yourself First” concept. However, instead of using the traditional “Pay Yourself First” concept for retirement purposes, you receive immediate compensation with Reward Points and Bonus Bucks to help you financially RIGHT NOW! Sometimes, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel in order to reach a different destination. You just have to redirect the wheel to travel in a different direction.




I understand, $100.00 over the course of six months may NOT be “extremely affordable” for everyone. For some individuals, this amount on money can be the difference in providing the “BARE” necessities of life for you or your family on any given day or month. Our ‘Pay Yourself First’ concept provides HOPE for all those individuals/families feeling left out, left behind, or left with only THOUGHTS of making the American Dream a REALITY.


If you are SERIOUS about wanting, needing, or expecting MORE out of life [than] what’s currently available to you, this is your opportunity to take advantage of our simple, realistic, and extremely affordable ‘Pay Yourself First’  concept. Now, when I say extremely affordable, I’m referring to cost -vs- benefits. Add all of our membership benefits together and the membership benefits far exceed the membership cost. This also explains why we were “VOTED #1” for cost -vs- benefits within New Network Marketing Opportunities. It all comes down to making ONE important decision…

Would you rather have more, while paying less?


Would you rather have less, while paying more?


The “NEW” Traditional Way is all about creating better opportunities with Networking and Technology. The “OLD” Traditional Way is all about wanting to do things all on your own and getting the same results, year after year. Our Network of members are dedicated to helping each other achieve immediate and long term financial stability with the help of Networking and Technology. No more doing the same old thing, day after day, for the same old pay! It's time to say "goodbye" to doing things the "Old Traditional Way".



If you are already living the “American Dream”, CONGRATULATIONS! I commend anyone willing to work hard and staying focused, in order to make your dreams REALITY. How would you like to “upgrade” your quality of life to the next level? I’m talking about receiving Reward Points and Bonus Bucks to help supplement your income in order to make your financial obligations “more affordable”. Can you imagine reducing your “out of pocket” expenses, along with, more disposable income to save, spend, invest, or plan for retirement? All these benefits without doing any more than you already do and saving lots of money when compared to what you are already spending on the basic necessities of life? Now, that sounds like a wise business decision. I have YET to hear ONE individual say the following to me; I don’t want or need to upgrade my quality of life if it provides financial benefits, while also, saving me lots of money [out-of-pocket], at the “same time”.