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    Our 'Pay Yourself First' concept provides our Network of members a PATHWAY to making the American Dream a REALITY over the course of SIX MONTHS! 
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    Need more customers? list your business in our Classified section. Our members earn "Reward Points" to purchase products and services listed in our various Marketplaces.

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Our Network of Members enjoy "several" benefits associated with I Got My 3 "Discounted Membership Products and Services". As our Network of members continue to grow, we will add more benefits accordingly. As always, we encourage our members to share your ideas and knowledge in order to add more value and features to our Network. Listed below, you will find a few of the features and/or benefits we currently offer, or, are in the process of making available soon.




Our Network of members are able to enjoy discounts offered by participating merchants and/or vendors listed in our Marketplace. This is considered the primary shopping destination for members of  our Network, because they can redeem their “reward points” to purchase products/services listed in our Marketplace and reduce their out-of-pocket expenses. As you already know, “consumers” would rather use their reward points, instead of spending their cash or using credit cards.  





Our Network of members have the opportunity to earn money by taking advantage of our in-house affiliate program. I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services” offers “several” advertising packages for merchants/vendors wanting to advertise discounted products/services in our various  Marketplaces. Participating businesses will enjoy  having access to a Network of members who are willing to redeem their reward points and/or spend their money with participating merchants/vendors. Ask any business owner if they would like to have more customers with "reward points and bonus bucks" to purchase their products and services? I would almost guarantee you [that] the overwhelming response will be "YES", I would!!!  



Our Network of members have the opportunity to start their own business and advertise in our various Marketplaces. If you have ever wanted to become an entrepreneur with access to an existing customer base willing and financially capable [reward points] of patronizing with your new business [then] you should consider advertising your products/services in our various Marketplaces. All merchants/vendors are required to offer our members [genuine] discounts in order to advertise in our Marketplaces. We offer different advertising packages  allowing merchants/vendors to choose the best option to accommodate their advertising needs on a monthly basis.  




Our Social Media platform allows our Network of members the opportunity to socialize with other members in various ways [chatting, messaging, blogging, forums, communities, groups, webinars, etc…]. I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services” encourages our members to share knowledge through empowerment and continuity. Our Network of members can also use our platform to showcase your talent, product/service, and to collaborate with other members with the same admirations. 




Our Network of members can earn “Reward Points” and “Bonus Bucks” by referring other members to our Network. Our 'Pay Yourself First' concept allows each [active] member of our Network to earn the same amount of reward points and bonus bucks within the same time frame [six months]. More importantly, members can renew their membership every six months and have the opportunity to earn the same amount of reward points and bonus bucks as the previous six months. Our 'Pay Yourself First' concept is a simple, realistic, and extremely affordable “PATHWAY” to making the American Dream a “REALITY” for each and every member of our Network over the course of “SIX MONTHS”…   





I get it! You are “sick and tired” of chasing financial stability. Yet, you are willing to allow someone else [an employer] to dictate your income potential and how far you can advance in the workplace. I also totally understand how “fear of failure” and/or the need of money to obtain “financial stability” can create a comfort zone when receiving a paycheck. Your willingness to remain content, contained, or confined to your employer, quality of life, and financial situation, will ONLY produce the same results year after year. Regardless, of how much WE [myself included] want to blame others for our shortcomings in life, each of us is personally responsible for your own happiness and success in life.




No more EXCUSES for STRUGGLING financially! I'm challenging YOU to find an easier and/or cheaper 'PATHWAY' to making the American Dream a REALITY over the course of SIX MONTHS!  






Please, take advantage of our "Paying Yourself First" concept. Hopefully, it will motivate you to create the NEXT great concept or invention. Did you know; only 5% of this world is innovation and the other 95% is duplication. If you don’t believe me; tell me the LAST time you [or anyone else you know] did or accomplished something that has NEVER been done before? Think about how many individuals talk about that GREAT concept they envisioned to make a lot of money. Then suddenly, someone else brings that SAME concept to fruition. The FIRST RESPONSE is ALWAYS; I was thinking about that same concept! This is the difference between “thoughts and actions”.



Knowledge is ONLY powerful when it’s shared and applied with others. Otherwise, it becomes [no more than] just a wasted thought without potential. I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services” provides our Network of members a PLATFORM to embrace “A Movement For Improvement”, because life is to be enjoyed, not annoyed! Let’s transform our "anger for disappointment" into "empowerment for achievement". Success is a "process of progress". It does NOT happen overnight and requires a little bit of patience and help from others along the way.  Always remember the following: The "impossible" ONLY exists when you allow it to become "possible"...