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    Our 'Pay Yourself First' concept provides our Network of members a PATHWAY to making the American Dream a REALITY over the course of SIX MONTHS! 
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If you are familiar with the word “Networking” [then] you are probably aware it has become the “NEW” traditional way in which we buy, sell, communicate, and make money. If you don’t believe me, think about how much of your daily activities revolve around networking and/or technology. Do you use a cell phone, computer, watch television, shop, work, or have a personal bank? Most individuals do, and yes, all these things are part of Networking and Technology. 




I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services” combined Network, Technology, Social Media, and Online Shopping  into “ONE” platform. Each industry  provides a special value to our Network in order for members to receive maximum membership benefits. Let's take a closer look at each of the "FOUR" components of our Platform



Although, I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services” is a “DISCOUNTED” Membership Club for selling products and services, we incorporated a "Pay Yourself First" concept to determine the amount of Reward Points and Bonus Bucks our Network of members receive over the course of six months. This way, each member of our Network have the opportunity to receive the same amount of reward points and bonus bucks over the course of six months. 


In addition to earning "Reward Points" and "Bonus Bucks" we also offer a BONUS for "qualified" members [those members referring 3 new members within 14 days]. Our M.A.P. Program [My Accumulated Points Program] allows "qualified" members to earn "UP TO" 1 MILLION points that can be used to purchase “DISCOUNTED” products or services in our various Marketplaces [OR] converted into cash. That's right, the M.A.P.P. points can be converted into CASH!!!




This is my “SECRET WEAPON” for helping members of our Network dedicated and motivated to following a pathway to making the American Dream a REALITY over the course of SIX MONTHS. More importantly, instead of members having to continuously refer lots of "new members" in order to earn Reward Points and Bonus Bucks, our M.A.P.P. participants can earn "UP TO" 1 MILLION M.A.P.P. points by accumulating points each month! When you combine the M.A.P. Program along with Reward Points and Bonus Bucks, it illustrates how easy it is for members of our Network to upgrade your quality of life to the next level! How AWESOME is that? 




It’s VERY hard to find a way in which “TECHNOLOGY” does not impact your life on a daily basis. If you look at the most thriving industries in our economy today, you will see technology is leading the way. Technology is the GPS for information, automation, communication, and transformation for getting things done in a more timely and efficient manner. Technology is now the primary source used in order to bring consumers and businesses together. I challenge you to find just ONE business [that] does NOT depend upon technology in one way or another…


I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services” use technology in the form of offering "FREE" Webinars [active members only] as a Marketing Tool for those members needing help referring other new members.  This means, you will NOT have to spend money doing any of the following:



If you are not able to attend our "live" Webinars, no worries. All of our Webinars will be recorded and available in our Social Media Platform [members only]. Members will be able to watch each Webinar in its entirety [as it was recorded live]. So, just sit back, relax, and let "TECHNOLOGY" [our Webinars] help you to refer new members!



I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services” created our “OWN” SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. Our Network of members can use our Social Media Platform for the following purposes:




More importantly, our Social Media Platform allows our Network of members to share the progress of their journey to creating a “pathway to the American Dream over the course of six months” with other members. When new members can see success with their own eyes, it creates transparency and motivates them to refer more new members into our Network! We STRONGLY encourage our Network of members to stay active on our Social Media Platform in order to provide support, motivation, and encouragement to other members needing it.


Remember, you also earn "credits" by performing different tasks in our Social Media Platform. The top 5 credit earners will share money in our monthly contests. Plus, the top credit earner in each state will receive cash monthly, as well. If you are keeping count, we are now up to 2 Bonus Programs + 2 monthly contests + commissions offered for selling our Advertising Packages + income potential when selling your products and services in our various Marketplaces. This is  "NOT" including the "Reward Points" and "Bonus Bucks" offered in our 'Pay Yourself First' concept providing a 'Pathway' to the American Dream over the course of Six Months Program! 




The goal and mission for I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership “Products and Services” is providing our Network of members and participating businesses the opportunity to build a Social Media Platform capable of creating immediate economic growth by developing new business partnerships. This will help to assure long term financial stability for our members, network, and various marketplaces. We're creating a 'Movement For Improvement' for individuals and businesses willing to create wealth and share it collectively. 




I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services” is the primary shopping destination for our members when purchasing “discounted” products and services. Our Network of Members can ONLY use their Reward Points to purchase “DISCOUNTED” products or services listed in our various Online Marketplaces. 




The “Old Traditional Way” of shopping at brick and mortar stores is becoming obsolete faster than anyone could have ever imagined. It’s hard to find a product or service in a store location [that] you can’t buy online cheaper. You can use your computer or phone to shop, compare prices, pay online and have your item[s] sent directly to you without leaving your residence. In order to be competitive in a crowded internet of Online Shopping Stores, we had to become VERY creative and find a way to stand out in the crowd. I think we accomplished this mission by allowing our Network of members to convert their buying power into “leverage and opportunity”. Just think about how much money our Network of members will be able to save [out-of-pocket] when using “Reward Points” and “Bonus Bucks”.




Individuals and Businesses selling their “DISCOUNTED” products and services in our various Marketplaces will have an existing customer base [our members] with “Reward Points” and “Bonus Bucks” just waiting to purchase their products and services. Not to mention, the Reward Points and Bonus Bucks are offered by I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services” and NOT Individuals and Businesses selling their “DISCOUNTED” products and services in our various Marketplaces. Instead of our Network of members searching the internet for good deals on products or services, you can just sit back and wait for businesses to gravitate to our Marketplaces. Just think about how many stores would love to have customers [our members] with “Reward Points” and “Bonus Bucks” to spend at their stores!


 I also encourage our Network of members to SHOP LOCAL.