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    Our 'Pay Yourself First' concept provides our Network of members a PATHWAY to making the American Dream a REALITY over the course of SIX MONTHS! 
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    Need more customers? list your business in our Classified section. Our members earn "Reward Points" to purchase products and services listed in our various Marketplaces.



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 Reward Points:


Our members pay a membership fee just like other membership clubs and have the opportunity to earn referral fee commissions for each member they “personally” refer. However, after a member refers 3 members, you are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled into our 'Pay Yourself First' concept providing a “Pathway" to making the American Dream a REALITY over the course of SIX MONTHS.




Our 'Pay Yourself First' concept redefines the normal routine of how individuals shop and pay for products or services. I Got My 3 "Discounted Membership Products and Services" changed the status quo in order to demonstrate the importance of sharing the wealth -vs- struggling to pay for the basic necessities of life. Since 99% of ALL adults are consumers, why not convert your buying power into 'leverage and opportunity'? It's a MUCH better solution than living from paycheck to paycheck [or] accumulating lots of debt in order to afford the basic necessities of life. Life is to be enjoyed, not annoyed! Our 'Movement For Improvement' allows us to stand united and take control of the situation. We're converting criticism for not having choices  into capitalism from creating choices. Are you  ready to FINALLY say 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"!!! Then, prove it. Become a member of our Network and start ‘Paying Yourself First’. You will NOT be disappointed!!!



Members have the opportunity to earn badges illustrating how many members you have referred. When other members see your badge level, they will see how dedicated you are to helping build our Network of members. The badges also represent your ability to become part of our management and executive team. We will “ONLY” promote from within our “existing” Network of members when fulfilling these positions. This also, gives each and every individual a fair and equal opportunity to become a member of I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services”  and have unlimited growth potential if you are seeking management or  executive level position[s].



There are over 100 different ways to earn “CREDIT” points by performing different tasks within our Social Media Platform.  The challenging part of earning “credit points” will be figuring out all the "different" tasks you can perform in the Social Media Platform in order to earn all these “credit points”. I’m only providing you with a “FEW” ways to earn “credit points”, and the more tasks you perform, the more credit points you can receive. Good luck and have fun earning those credit points!    


  1. Sign up new members [this is how to receive the most points].
  2. Post messages on your wall.
  3. Start your own Group, Blog, or Forum.
  4. Comment on another member’s wall.
  5. Post pics, videos, and music on your wall or in the appropriate area.




You will only be able to earn a "limited" amount of credits [DAILY] while performing each activity. This will eliminate a member from performing the same task over and over again in order to receive a lot of credits daily.



 Why earn credit points?


Each time a “new” member joins I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services”, one dollar [$ 1.00] will be added to EACH of the TWO monthly contests. Plus, each month a member pays their monthly subscription fee, ONE DOLLAR [$1.00] will also be added to the TWO monthly contests. This means, each month, the TWO monthly contests have the opportunity to “increase in payouts". Each month, the 2 monthly contests will start over. This will assure each member a fair and equal opportunity to win each month. 




EXAMPLE: If 100 new members join in one month, top earner will receive $45.00, 2nd best credit earner will receive $25.00, 3rd best credit earner will receive $15.00, 4th best credit earner will receive $10.00, 5th best credit earner will receive $5.00…




The only way to receive these "credit points" is performing different tasks within our Social Media Platform. Meaning, you will NOT be able to purchase credits or have other members share their "credit points" with other members. 


Our members have "SO MANY" Benefits!!!