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    Our 'Pay Yourself First' concept provides our Network of members a PATHWAY to making the American Dream a REALITY over the course of SIX MONTHS! 
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    Need more customers? list your business in our Classified section. Our members earn "Reward Points" to purchase products and services listed in our various Marketplaces.



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The Plan:


I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services” is just the “opposite” of your typical membership club. Instead of stocking products and services in one central location or warehouse, we invite individuals and businesses to sell their “DISCOUNTED” products and services in our various online Marketplaces. Our concept allows businesses and consumers the opportunity to commit, unite, and share the wealth collectively.  




Our members can earn “Reward Points” and "Bonus Bucks" to purchase any DISCOUNTED product or service listed in our various Marketplaces. This allows our members to save their money and use “Reward Points” and “Bonus Bucks” instead.  Keep in mind; our members earn “Reward Points” and “Bonus Bucks” to PURCHASE discounted products and services. This is NOT the same and should "NOT" be confused with receiving a "REBATE", because our members do not have to spend money [FIRST] to purchase products/services and wait to receive a "small portion" of money [you already spent] at a later date!




The philosophy for I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services” is simple and straight forward. If our members are willing to help build our Network of members, the opportunity exists to receive a share of our profits with “Reward Points” and “Bonus Bucks” as a token of our appreciation. After a member refers ONLY 3 members [and earning referral commissions for EACH referred member], you are “AUTOMATICALLY” enrolled into our 'Pay Yourself First' concept providing a “Pathway” to making the American Dream a REALITY over the course of six months Program. 


Listed below, is a more detailed illustration of the perks and benefits available to the members of our Network:       


Reward Points”:




Bonus Bucks”:



"Paying It Forward Benefits":



 By working together, we can accomplish the following:


1. Reduce the percentage of individuals/families being homeless and/or living well below poverty. While also, offering financial alternatives to those individuals/families depending upon local, state, or federal assistance in order to enjoy the basic necessities of life. 


PLEASE, answer the following question HONESTLY; would you rather ‘be in’ control and dictate your income potential [OR] continue ‘being’ controlled by a system designed to dictate your income potential? Never put off until tomorrow, something you REALLY need [so desperately] today!   


2. Allowing individuals/families the opportunity to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses. Plus, earn Reward Points and Bonus Bucks to help pay your financial obligations, pay off your existing debt, or extra money to save or invest towards your future.


3. Individuals no longer have to worry about an employer being your ONLY source of income. Our "Pay Yourself First" concept offers the encouragement our members need to help  eliminate the fear of [what happens if] your job is terminated, downsized, transferred, or outsourced to another State or Country.  




Each and every day “MILLIONS” of individuals work in order to receive a paycheck. Unfortunately, “MOST” individuals will spend MORE of their income by comparison to how much they are able to SAVE. This is because; your income is usually the same, while the cost of living is steadily increasing. It’s really hard to save money when your expenses and/or debt exceed your income.


For many individuals, the goal is NOT to be millionaires, but more so, just earn enough money to “achieve and maintain” the American Dream. Why is this simple task so difficult for so many individuals? Because, the goal for “most” employers is to pay employees the least amount of wages in order to make more profits for their business and shareholders. This means, the employee has NO leverage in dictating their income potential. Sadly, these same employees [as a consumer] have no leverage in dictating the price of products or services, either. Each and every day millions of individuals pour most of their money right back into the economy, but have NO control of their income potential or the prices paid for products or services. Yeah, it’s DEFINITELY time consumers learn how to convert their buying power into “leverage and opportunity”. Why not allow your money to work for you, instead of, you working for your money? Are you ready to "Pay Yourself First" instead of everyone else?